[amsat-bb] 5 Band VUCC & VUCC Triple-Play

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Thu Jun 20 21:17:35 PDT 2013

After some persuasive arguments and constructive criticism from Paul 
K7CW, Sebastian W4AS, and Pete WA7JTM I've decided to modify my proposal 
for the creation of a new 5 Band VUCC Award.

  * Eliminate the requirement to "reset to zero" all previous grids
    worked and confirmed.
  * Eliminate a requirement to include at least one of the low bands
    like 2 Meters or 6 Meters.
  * Insure that the 5 Band VUCC Award complies with all existing rules
    and requirements for VUCC Awards, with no changes needed. This will
    reduce the cost to administer the award, and minimize programming
    changes needed for Logbook of the World.

But Pete WA7JTM made some some great points about how activity has 
declined in the past few years as many experienced VHF operators have 
worked nearly all possible grids in their area. His suggestion caused me 
to do more research on other awards that the ARRL has recently 
implemented. Inspiration came in the form of the Worked All States (WAS) 
Triple-Play Award.

So in addition to the 5 Band VUCC Award, I'm proposing the establishment 
of a VUCC Triple-Play Award that would allow operators to earn VUCC on 
any amateur band above 50 MHz provided that they could
work the required number of contacts for a basic VUCC Award, but on each 
of the three modes Phone, CW, and Digital.

For example, you could earn VUCC Triple-Play on 432 by confirmed 
contacts with 50 Grids in Phone, CW, and Digital Modes. All previous 
grids confirmed in the past would count towards the new award, but
it would be a rare station that has already earned this award passed 
purely on past contacts.

  * Insure that VUCC Triple-Play complies with the existing rules for
    VUCC, with no changes needed. Keep costs to administer low, and make
    programming in LoTW easier.
  * Allow all previous confirmed grids to count towards the new award.
  * Any digital mode would be acceptable. While I expect WSJT modes
    would dominate, PSK, RTTY, and others would qualify too.
  * Satellite operators could join the fun by digipeating through the
    International Space Station and digital satellites. Tough but possible!

This would serve my original purpose of immediately increasing on-air 
activity especially during contests when more grid-chasers would turn 
out hoping to pick up new grids. And everyone would be happy because they
wouldn't see a lifetime of accomplishments wiped clean by resetting to 

I hope that others will continue to offer constructive criticism, and 
join me in writing their Division Directors and Vice Directors, along 
with their VUAC reps to support these ideas. VHF-UHF operation could use 
a shot in the arm, and this a great way to do it.

Thanks to all who took the time to offer their thoughts on this proposal.


Les Rayburn, N1LF
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