[amsat-bb] Sub orbital launch from Wallops Island Virgina

John Floyd JFloyd at es.vccs.edu
Tue Jun 18 18:31:26 PDT 2013

A Sub orbital launch from Wallops Island Virgina will carry a payload built by students from Eastern Shore Community College as a RockSat-c project. I am posting to this group in hopes that some of you mid-Atlantic hams with high gain 2 meter antennas and possibly elevation control (depending on where you are- approx 70 miles elevation at apogee) will give a listen for it. Due to antenna constraints it will have a very low eirp. It will be transmitting standard aprs packets on 144.390 Look for kn4ge-12 or kk4pgr -12 as the profile changes. Launch is scheduled for 5 am EST on June 20th. Keep abreast of any delays or follow the launch at:


Also, you can watch the launch live from Ustream when the time comes.


Any reception reports are invited, even partially decoded packets at Thomas.c.Riley at NASA.GOV

Of interest to many hobbyist, it will carry the first Raspberry Pi into space and also a nooelec SDR dongle that may possibly also be a first.

I apologize in advance for any flooding of aprs that it causes but promise you it is a very fast flight. The profile change above 15k is intended to minimize potential for flooding.

Thank You
John KN4GE

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