[amsat-bb] Pass prediction - New Option - ALL

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 9 16:17:37 PDT 2013

The pass prediction page is wonderful!  Great work!

But it is tedious if you simply want to know what is the next satellite to demo.

I's like to ask the programmers to add a second link to an ALL-SATELLITES page.

This page would simply list the next 10 satellites to come in view at
the subscribers location.  This is what I need because I never know
when someone is going to walk through the door and I need to give a
quick demo.  Or when I have a few minutes in the shack and just want
to see if something is in view in the next 10 minutes.

The page would have these entries:  LAT/LONG and TIME (defaults to
now).  Then there are several buttons:

* FM only
* ALL mode
* Voice
* Digital
* All beacons

If ALL BEACONS is checked, then all satellites with telemetry in the
ham bands are included in the list including all the bleepsats.  If
this is not checked, then the other 4 buttons are used to filter.

The result is a LIST of the next 10 passes of any satellite that meets
the criteria.

This type of pass prediction engine is of extreme value to people that
want to DEMO Amateur satellites without having to go run pass
predictions on over 30 different satellites just to see what might be
in view.  With that many satellites there is almost always coming
coming up real soon, and this is invaluable for quick demos.

It is also invaluable for the ham that only gets a few minutes in his
shack now and then.  This page would show him what might be available
for the next several minutes...


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