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k4feg k4feg at k4feg.com
Sat Jun 8 07:05:03 PDT 2013


my understanding of a volunteer is someone who "willingly" gives their 
spare time to promote a subject or issue that they are passionate about.

It is obvious that there are issues with how does one "get's involved" 
in the hobby we all care about.

I understand that people have their lives to live and they cannot always 
give 100% to their volunteer work, but guess what, there are people out 
here that are retired for what ever reason who have tried to reach out 
and get involved, but alas;
*there is not one clear place to go to find out what 
projects/jobs/issues are out there and **how to get involved in any of 
them, that I am aware of!*

I propose that AMSAT_NA create a position of a: /*Volunteer 
Coordinator*///*Director*/, who's sole job would be to identify needs 
for any and all projects or issues that AMSAT_NA deems of importance to 
our hobby and they would need to communicate these needs in a timely 
manner to the AMSAT_NA membership. This position would not be for a 
person who has limited time but someone who could give the position the 
time such an important position requires.

For all I know such a position may already exist but the task has been 
given to someone who already has "more than they can do".

People wishing to volunteer are out there, but at some point there has 
to be a leader to help coordinate and direct people into areas where 
they can best help.

It is a shame that someone with Tom's, K8TL, years of experience, is 
left on the "side-lines" because no one knew where to direct him so he 
could help.

I talk to Tom on the satellites on a regular basis and I know he is 
passionate about our hobby.

I say we need to /"Use them, not lose them!"/, these volunteers with 
years of experience and a love for our hobby.

Just from Tom's post about volunteering, I have learned of projects that 
I did not even know existed, communications of what is happening within 
our segment of our hobby is imperative if we hope to grow and maintain 
our part of this extraordinary hobby.

Tom, hang in there, maybe we can put you and your son's talents to use yet!

/Any one have any suggestions please feel free to contact me directly on 
or off the BB, on my BB, on my Skype account (k4feg_em55) or if you want 
to talk I will forward you my cell # in a private email//. /


*/"we will work the satellites until the antennas burn off during 
73 FRM
Frank E. Griffin

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