[amsat-bb] Best Antennas for Attic (Short Booms)

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Thu Jun 6 14:14:05 PDT 2013

> I'm in the process of upgrading my satellite array. Hope to add an AZ/EL
> rotor system, and build a complete stand-alone satellite antenna system.
> Right now, I'm sharing my weak signal Yagis for satellite duty.
> I'll be limited in boom length to about six feet maximum due to
> construction of the attic itself. Anything longer, and I start bumping
> into things. I'd like maximum performance from the space, so I'm
> wondering if any short length circular polarization antennas are made
> commercially? Everything I can find (at least in the States) are
> long-boom affairs.
> Feedline will be 3/4" hardline for the 432 antenna, and an SSB
> Electronics pre-amp. 2 Meters will get 1/2" hardline for feedline, and
> an SSB Electronics pre-amp. Runs are about 50 feet.


Just be sure to test in your attic with some simple-but-known-working setup
before you spend a lot of effort/money.  For reasons that I don't
understand at all, I could not pick up ARISSat-1 from the attic, but it
came booming in on my HT standing outside.  I have just regular asphalt
shingles as far as I know, and wooden beams.  But SOMETHING was blocking 2M!


Burns W2BFJ

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