[amsat-bb] GRE, Alinco and Grove electronics

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Mon Jul 29 04:33:45 PDT 2013

This was sent to a local club reflector and I thought it might be of 
interest to my satellite ham friends.


> Changes are ahead that you need to know about.
> GRE Electronics filled for Bankrupty after they lost there warehouse in
> China. GRE Electronics made Alinco Radios and GRE Police Scanners and 
> police
> scanner products. Alinco Radios were not being made for several months 
> in a
> row. GRE Will not come back, but Alinco Radios are now being made by
> Remtronix _http://www.remtronix.com/_
> Radio Shack will also no longer have police scanners. All of the police
> scanners that Radio Shack had under the Realistic label were made by GRE.
> Also Grove Electronics a big police scanner supplier owned by Bob Grove is
> closing down. Bob has decided to retire, and with a slow economy he 
> decided
> to sell everything. Grove Electronics also has decided to stop publishing
> the magazine Monitoring Times. the last issue of Monitoring Times will be
> issued on December 2013.
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