[amsat-bb] Re: Help wanted on CP antenna design

Zilvinas, LY2SS zilvinas at augma.lt
Wed Jul 17 03:32:48 PDT 2013

On 2013.07.17 10:11, Simone wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> QFH is effectively circularly polarized, it is often used for GPS
> receivers, since when you point it skywards the main lobe points trough the
> zenith, while nulls are pointing to the horizon (where you do not have
> satellites normally).
> In my opinion QFH risks to be quite bulky for a balloon, since it will
> occupy a cylinder 1 wavelength high (70cm in your case).

QFH for 70cm band is 264 mm height only (and 84 mm in diameter).


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