[amsat-bb] Ac0ra trip

wyattdirks wyattdirks at msn.com
Sat Jul 13 22:20:03 PDT 2013

Well just another four hours of driving till we get home. Well I am riding now but will drive the last stretch through Iowa. By the time we get home we will have been on the road for about 22.5 hours. 

Any way I just did the tally and I have 238 contacts in the log from 25 different grids and from 6 different states. 

A few of the high lights of the trips as far as sat ops go was working vo52 from two grids while mobile. For the First three minutes of the pass I was in dn91 then passed into dn90 and worked three station from each grid.  

Also at the last minute I decided to take and hour detour north off of i80 to the en01/00 gridline just north of grand island to work quite a few stations. 

And to all those who worked me on fo29 while I was mobile I am sorry for the weak signals. My half wave mobile whip got damaged early trip by a big bird at 80mph and it never worked right after that. For a while it didn't work at all but with some roadside repairs i got it working to get us through the trip. 

Also if you working me you might have noticed sometimes I signed mobile and sometimes I signed portable. Well this was for a reason that is quite obvious.  When I signed my I was using my ft857 with halfwave mobile antenna for 2m and three el arrow for 70cm. Mostly was semi duplex while mobile but sometimes used the ft817 for rx. 

When I signed portable I was using the ft897/817 pair with an arrow antenna which performed flawlessly. Well all but my battery charger for the ft897 batteries stopped working which wasn't an issue because I had a back up 35amphr gelcel along. Charged everything while driving through inverter and once in the hotel room. 

If you want qsls for grids which I assume some will of you could send a sase with the contacts you want with the grid I was In writen on the card that would be good. It might take a little bit for cards to get back out as I might need to get some made. But it shouldn't take more then a month or two.

Thanks to all who followed me along the trip!

73 Wyatt

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