[amsat-bb] Re: Yaesu G-5500 Azimuth Motor Replacement

David Palmer dpalmer at zdap.com
Wed Jul 10 14:54:46 PDT 2013

> In conclusion, I guess I will have to either (1) Replace the azimuth portion with a G-800
> using a seperate control box for azimuth and elevation or (2) try to replace the azimuth
> portion with a G-450 rotor.


(3)  Purchase a replacement G5500 Az motor from Yaesu (they should be
back in stock now?)

(4) Send the problem motor to a motor repair / rewind company (maybe a
few hundred $)

(5)  Rewind the motor yourself (doable, but it takes a while)

Good luck, and 73!   -Dave KB5WIA

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