[amsat-bb] Re: Yaesu G-5500 Azimuth Motor Replacement

Sion Chow Q. C. (9M2CQC) 9w2qc at 9w2qc.net
Tue Jul 9 20:10:22 PDT 2013

Dear All,

Thank you for all the replies to this topic which is greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, I guess I will have to either (1) Replace the azimuth portion with a G-800 using a seperate control box for azimuth and elevation or (2) try to replace the azimuth portion with a G-450 rotor.

Has anyone successfully tried connecting the G-450 rotor motor directly to the G-5500 control box?

Sion Chow Q. C.,

On 10 Jul 2013, at 05:10, "Stephen  E. Belter" <seb at wintek.com> wrote:

> Sion,
> I don't own a G-5500, but I do have both a G-5400 and G-800.  The G-5400
> and G-5500 are similar (not identical) judging from the manuals.
> From looking at the manual for the G-5500, the azimuth rotor is completely
> different from the G-800.  The G-5500 (and the G-5400) azimuth rotor is an
> AC motor with two coils and three wires for the motor.  The G-800 is a DC
> motor with only two wires.  (Both systems use an additional 3 wires for
> the position potentiometer, so five wires for the G-800 and six wires for
> the G-5400/G-5500.)
> The G-450A rotor is similar to the azimuth half of the G-5500, judging
> from the manual. However, I'd look for someone who owns a G-450A who can
> verify that for you.  The G-450A manual omits a schematic and some
> important specifications like the motor voltage.  You may also be able to
> get some help from Yaesu customer service.
> 73, Steve N9IP
> --
> Steve Belter, seb at wintek.com
> On 7/9/13 12:41 PM, "Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)" <9w2qc at 9w2qc.net> wrote:
>> I have a Yaesu G-5500 rotator that has a spoilt azimuth motor while
>> the elevation motor works fine.  Looking at the specifications
>> published by Yaesu, the G-800 rotator seems to be very similar with
>> the azimuth motor of the G-5500.
>> Instead of purchasing a whole new set of G-5500 just to replace the
>> spoilt azimuth motor (the control box is working and this has been
>> verified with another working azimuth motor), I wonder if anyone has
>> tried replacing the azimuth motor the G-800 instead?
>> Will the G-5500 control box work with the G-800 motor, are there some
>> modifications needed, or is this simply not possible?  Any pointers
>> will be greatly appreciated.
>> Thank you.
>> 73,
>> Sion Chow Q. C.,
>> 9M2CQC, WQ2C

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