[amsat-bb] Golden Packet 20 July gaps: Killington, VT and Smokie Mountain!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 5 07:00:45 PDT 2013

Only two Mountains remaining to be covered for this historic event.

Killington, Vermont and Clingman’s dome in the Great Smokies National
Park.  On Saturday, 20 July, Just drive up to the parking lots, set up a
small mast to clear the cars with an Omni dual band vertical and play APRS
(and other) Radios for 4 hours starting at noon.  Ideally you have a D700,
D710 or D72 APRS radio that can digipeate the special event packets.

To understand the entire event, getting a live APRS packet from
Georgia/Alabama to Maine/Canada see the main web page:

Sorry, Im having FTP problems so that page has not yet been fully updated
to 2013 participants but you can see them here:


We must have all 14 mountain tops manned to complete the DX link.  Thanks,

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*Subject:* Golden Packet 20 July gaps: NH, MA, NY, NC/TN

We have an urgent need for Ham Packet Ops on mountain tops in New
Hampshire, Mount Greylock, MA, Sams Point, NY, Clingmans Dome in the Smokie
Mountains and Roan Mountain NC.

This is a 4 hour event making our annual attempt at the Golden Packet, an
APRS packet message from Maine to Georgia along the Appalachian Mountain
Chain on Saturday 20 July.

All  you need is an APRS radio that can digipeat (D72, D700, D710) and a
power source and antenna. (and Know how to operate it!)  All of these sites
are “drive  up” except Sam’s point in New York.  The attempt is from noon
to 4 PM.  Remember, Tim, KA1YBS has to begin in the dark to climb a full
MILE straight up to get to the top of Mt Katahdin in Main and then get back
down before sunset.  Hence, the 4 hour window.

This is our 4th annual attempt and last year we were successful except for
only one broken link in NH.  Will you be available to help make history?
The Golden Packet was proposed back in the early 80’s. It has never been
claimed since the rise of the Internet that has eclipsed all DX packet
attempts.  We will do this every year even beyond success.  It is a good
test of emergency long distance packet techniques.

If you can activate one of the above 5 sites, please see detail links on
this page for each site and learn all you can:


Think of this as Packet Radio FIELD DAY!  These 14 sites have been well
surveyed and we know the links will work, if everyone can get in place and
KNOW how to operate their radio.

Other secondary sites are also invited on Stone Mountain, GA, Lookout
Mountain TN, and Huntsville Mountain

Bob, WB4aPR

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