[amsat-bb] FITSAT1 came over Texas still transmitting at 1344utc

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Wed Jul 3 07:00:37 PDT 2013

FITSAT-1 was heard over Texas (EL29) at 1344UTC (7/3/2013)  Signal 
strength was changing considerably and it seemed the time between CW 
bursts was changing.  Perhaps the signal strength changing simply caused 
me to miss part of the transmission.  Maybe the satellite is tumbling.   
I updated my Keps but I have a feeling the numbers are changing and I 
actually did not have my beam pointed perfectly.  I am sure I looked 
like a one-armed paper hanger while tuning everything on this pass.   I 
also forgot to turn on my recorder (or I simply ran out of hands) for 
this pass.  My next opportunity to hear FITSAT will be later today.


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