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During the first year, or so, with AO-7, I used horizontal polarization with the 2-meter and 70-cm antennas elevated about 30-degrees.  The 10-meter antenna was a 2-element yagi horizontally mounted.  Only the azimuth was varied.  Later I added an az-el rotor for the 2-meter and 70-cm antennas.  However, the 30-degree elevation worked very well.
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hello Ed...I have found that with AO-7 over the years...it depends... of what I am not sure..be it satellite orientation, local issues, or simply "propagation gods". There are times when switching between L & R on either up or down link will improve reception. My current installation is currently not wired for switching and defaults to RHCP for up and down. I do not appear to have any issues with AO-7, I do plan to connect up the switching simply because, it's there. 

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Can someone tell me what type and polarization the antennas are that are 
currently in use on the AO-7 satellite? 
I've done many searches and cannot find this information anywhere I have 

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