[amsat-bb] Ouch, ham tv iss

Robert C. Campbell kb3pmr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 14:19:28 PDT 2013

Ouch, just checked the price list for the KU LNC
MKU LNC 23 TM ATV Converter mounted into water resistant case, in 2320 ...
2450 MHz, 1404 … 1534 MHz IF 216,00 €
That is before shipping. If I don't buy litter for the cat in the ham shack
this zone will soon become uninhabitable. That is before shipping from over

Does anyone have options that are more reasonable for a LNC? I would really
like to do this project but was a stretch to get just the PCI tuner card.
If anyone has another option you may e-mail me off list. Not too technical
please, I have not used a soldering iron except to do wood burning for wood
crafts as a teenager. Will a US made universal work? In the end tho I would
like to produce a quality product.

Bob kb3pmr at gmail.com

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