[amsat-bb] Re: New poll... (PSK31 xponder)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 31 15:36:12 PST 2013

> Instead of asking what do we "want", maybe a more useful poll might be
> "what can you build us?"

>> Wel that is easy too, you can grab a off the shelf cubesat...
>> and put a pe1ruh space proven linear transponder in it.

Amen.  Also there are TWO flight ready PSK-31 uplink with FM downlink
transponders also ready to fly built By Mirek at Brno University.  Ideal
for a Cubesat.

They allow up to 20 or more simultaneous PSK-31 users on a 28 MHz uplink
to all appear full duplex in the 435 MHz FM downlink that anyone can
receive on any FH HT.  Run PSK31 software and see all the conversations
and transmit all 8 minutes of the pass and join the fun talking to
everyone at once..

All the advantages of linear transponders (20 simultaneous users) and all
the advantages of FM (simple 5 Khz Doppler tuning using any old FM radio).
And it fits on a 3" square card.
See details: http://aprs.org/psk31uplink2.html

All we need is someone to fly it.


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