[amsat-bb] New poll for new OSCAR

Thomas Frey th.frey at vtxmail.ch
Thu Jan 31 08:55:21 PST 2013

Hello All

After many discussions I launched a poll for a new OSCAR. AMSAT
representatives are invited to evaluate this poll. This poll can
also be a base for further discussions.

> If you want a new satellite/OSCAR wich payload/communication mode should it have?
>    o Telemetry Beacon
>    o Packet Radio Mailbox/Digipeater
>    o FM Repeater
>    o Linear Transponder
>    o Educational payload
>    o Other payload/mode
After a month I will continue with the two most chosen choices with
a new poll until I close the whole run.

If you are not a member of the Yahoo Group EU_AMSAT, please visit the
web page http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/EU_AMSAT/ and join the
group. We also have interesting discussions there.

Thank You for your attention.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Best Regards, 73
     Thomas Frey, HB9SKA

   Thomas Frey, Holzgasse 2, CH-5242 Birr, Tel. + Fax: 056 444 93 41

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