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Bill Booth ve3nxk at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 08:53:50 PST 2013

> As part of my volunteer duties with ARISS, I post the schedule of
> upcoming ARISS contacts on practically a daily basis. I post to the
> SAREX BB (sarex at AMSAT.ORG <mailto:sarex at AMSAT.ORG>). You can also check
> the schedule at http://www.issfanclub.com/ and at http://ariss.rac.ca/
> (actually http://ariss.rac.ca/upcoming.htm#NextContact and look for the
> link saying Tentative List of Upcoming School Contacts . You can also go
> directly to http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ariss/news/arissnews.rtf.

I guess you miss this part then ........


That the one that shows the next scheduled contact as December 6, 2012.

When I read on AMSAT News the day after another Canadian contact, I wondered how 
come they were not listed.  But then I found 2 others that were upcoming and never 
shown there either.  Thanks for you information I know of a couple more places to 
look.  So I just figured that since Hams were not doing the scheduleing anymore 
then what was the point of carring on....

But now I see there still is something in place.  Maybe the RAC site can be made 
to be a little more updated.  As a member of that group I will have to ask why.

I am still disturbed that a Canadian has time to do pictures and Tweet, but as yet 
he has not been on the rig.  But he has lots of time to do this since he is there 
for another 5 months ..... so I wait on as many passes as I can .......

One day my QSL will come in.

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