[amsat-bb] Re: Limited capabilities now on www.amsat.org

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 23 08:50:33 PST 2013

> Please let me know what you miss the most (via amsat-bb or directly) and
I will attempt move it higher on the priority list.

This week (thursday) I have about 30 students doing the one-day satellite
tracking lab.  The lab document calls for them to look at their "selected"
satellite on the AMSAT SATS page and read about the satellite.  So if
those links could possibly be active by first period Thursday that would

But do not use your last silver bullet.  Researching the background on a
satellite is not the primary focus of this lab, but just tracking it and
turning a receiver to hear it is the main thing, and we do not need the
AMSAT web page for that primary purpose.  But the subtle nudging them to
refer to the AMSAT web page is to get it in the back of their heads as a

So, if you can activate those links, that would help.

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