[amsat-bb] Re: new station cn87 and Kenwood TH-F6A

Roger Rogerkola at aol.com
Thu Jan 10 16:14:43 PST 2013

In the early days of satellites, this was a popular way to work CW... 
split band with a cw receiver on the downlink and keying an FM rig 
(usually on 2 meters) on the uplink. The resulting synthesizer generated 
signal tended to "swing" on each element of of a character giving it a 
distinct "bird chirp" sound.

QSLs with signal reports of 569 or 559 were common but well accepted as 
access to 2 meter CW rigs was somewhat limited.

I'm not sure how today's purists would accept such going's on but with 
the limited number of CW artists on the satellites I myself would 
readily respond to a chirpy CQ.

My last chirpy CW contact was during a Field Day contest 440 up and 
2meters down. We were having no luck on FM and I secured the 100 points 
on CW for the club.


On 1/10/2013 6:10 PM, Hector, CO6CBF wrote:
> Hello all!
>> You could always cut off the internal mic and use the PTT as a crude
>> CW key since an on/off keyed unmodulated FM carrier is theoretically
>> identical to a CW signal. I think some people have done this, or at
>> least have contemplated it.
> Yes, it works!! I had my first contact on the analog birds (AO-7A) running
> a modified Yaesu FM transceiver.
> I disconnected the MIC preamplifier circuit, I kept the Tx activated and
> switched the PA drive transistor by a switch circuit added and commanded
> by the CW key. Despite the tone was FMing a bit, I had some contacts.
> 73!
> Hector, CO6CBF
> EL92sd

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