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Thu Jan 10 13:09:35 PST 2013

Bob -

Here are the documents, web links, and answers from QRZ Q&A.

AMSAT-BB -- December 23, 2001 (Joe Leikhim, K4SAT)

Toshiba 3SK121 -- TOSHIBA TRANSISTOR Dual-Gate, UHF, 10V, Idss>20mA, Up<4V 
Datasheet (largely in Japanese).

The Icom mast-mounted pre-amplifiers (AG-25, AG-35) use the dual gate 3SK121
Dual Gate FET.
The 2 schematics/manuals for the Icom AG-25 and AG-35 units are at QRZ page.
You will see Internet recommendations for the 3SK121 replacement on AMSAT
VHF/UHF DX discussion boards based on this usage by Icom.
These two distributors indicated they had inventory of this Toshiba
Dual-Gate FET.
XS Micro 

and Express Electronics (UK)

I have seen one Eastern Asia exporter (eBay Seller id: my_mkchan) based in
Hong Kong 
offer a variety of Yaesu parts, including some hard to find (no longer mfg.)
I have seen the European CF-739 or BF981 listed as a suitable substitute.
 When you substitute check Noise Figures and Gain for your application.
BEWARE of Counterfeit (Fake) Semiconductor Parts from Asia .....


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> Getting ready for a AO-7A pass, started keying the transmitter, I 
>noticed the computer monitor was blinking very nicely in time with the 
>cw, also the az and el indicators on the G5500 control unit were dancing
around in tune with the cw.
>In fact they danced in tune even with the power off. Tipped over 
>satellite tower, got out ohm meter, direct open through the 2M Icom 
>AG-25 preamp. Jumped around the now removed preamp and we're back in 
>business. Question...The relay contacts seem to be suspect. Should I 
>get parts and repair the AG-25 or get a better preamp, as I am going to 
>scratch some EME efforts off my bucket list. If you have a better 2M preamp
"laying " around let me know.
> as always
> 73 Bob W7LRD

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