[amsat-bb] G5500 question

Roy rdwelch at swbell.net
Sun Jan 6 13:14:49 PST 2013

Hi Bob, Long time.  I have seen this happen in the old KCT controller.  
Full right rotation is the max pot rotation also.  In the KCT case, the 
control bits that were set to initiate rotation sometimes got set in the 
full right turn setting and were left that way.  Can you determine if 
the rotor was actually sent to 450 or if it turned, uncontrolled, to the 
right until the end of rotation limit switch (if one is present) was 
actuated stopping the rotor? If there is no limit switch, then a thermal 
switch may have repeatedly opened to protect the rotor from burnout.

The rotation bits got set sometimes and were left set when the 
controller was powered off or the tracking program was closed, etc. when 
the rotor was moving.  This also happened on some PCs anytime the KCT 
was initially installed and before the calibration was completed.  In 
those cases we had to unsolder the R-L-U-D rotor control leads until the 
calibration was completed.  Your case doesn't resemble this latter 
problem, however.

Roy -- W0SL

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