[amsat-bb] Re: inquiry about homebrew az-el systems

Lizeth Norman normanlizeth at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 00:25:14 PST 2013

What about using the "bottom bracket" from a three piece assembly (mid
level bicycle) and the associated gearing from the back hub as well as
the revelant parts of the frame?

The bottom bracket would form the carry through shaft of the elevation
rotator. Fasten the seat post to a plate  and so on.. Could reuse the
fork assembly as the azimuth bearing.

The motor and gear ratios are just scaling factors in equations.

One of my first instincts was to go after bicycle parts. This stuff is

I suspect that it may be possible to  find a new encoder of the
correct type with a mount for a few dollars. One that is shaft mount,
with an appropriate output and no detents.
It might be the one bit of the project fit for a group buy.
Norm n3ykf

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