[amsat-bb] Re: Pendulum type elevation measurement

Ing. Pavel Milanes Costa pavel at conas.cu
Mon Feb 25 12:01:20 PST 2013

El 24/02/13 16:14, Gus escribió:
> So, who is going to take a mouse apart and use the bits to sense AZ/AL 
> angles on an antenna array? 

I have a sacrificed recently a roller-ball mouse from aopen to my az-el 
rotor system project...

I'm not decided yet for shaft vs. gray encoders... (gray encoders are 
almost winning... !!!)

6 bits gray encoders give 64 positions in 360 that's aprox 5 degrees 
steps... pretty good...

7 bits will be 2,8 degrees steps...

UTP cable is almost inexpensive.... has 8 wires ... hum... ground + 7 
bits... interesting... parallel port of a PC as the input/output 
device... software will be written in python... (put your favorite prog. 
lang. here)



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