[amsat-bb] Curious Question About Satellite BBS

Bryce Salmi bts2637 at rit.edu
Sun Feb 24 21:15:24 PST 2013

Hey All,

     I want to throw out a question about the Bulletin Board Systems that
have flown on several amateur radio satellites in the past. A majority of
these flew prior to my involvement in ham radio (licensed in 2004) and for
many years I haven't had a great setup for satellite work, largely due to
funds as a high school student back in the day and nowadays since I move
around quite often from home to college. I would like this conversation to
stay on-topic since I realize this could stray pretty easily!

     What was it like to have an orbiting BBS? What types of
files/information were sent and how convenient was it? Was it just text or
could people send small images? I may not be aware of a currently working
BBS, the last one I know of off-hand was on AO-51 if I am not mistaken. I
am simply fascinated with the ability to send and receive data to and from
an orbiting satellite in this fashion. I look forward to hearing any


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