[amsat-bb] Re: inquiry about homebrew az-el systems

Daniel Schultz n8fgv at usa.net
Sun Feb 24 20:28:11 PST 2013

Exactly my point. Lots of people can build a one-of-a-kind design using parts
that they pulled out of a university dumpster, especially if they have the
machine shop resources of a university department at their disposal. For
undergraduate students, there might be some educational value in building
their own rotor, especially if it uses time that would otherwise be spent
partying in Georgetown on a Saturday night.  

But we were talking about the "average ham", using an "average homeowner's"
workbench, designing and building a workable rotor system as an alternative to
paying $700 for a commercially made rotor, and sharing that design with other
hams who want to save a few hundred bucks by building their own. I am all in
favor of that, but I find that there is a practical limit on how many active
projects I can have open at any one time.



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> I would like to clarify: this antenna project is going to be handled by
> others ham operators who have contacted me. Where possible, I am
> contributing some hardware/mechanical parts that I have in stock. The work
> for the antenna is not for my Ph.D program. As I mentioned, it is for the
> K3GWU project which will go on in parallel, and there are others at GWU who
> will be involved. I have donated a lot of equipment to the K3GWU station,
> and that can go on to connect with an antenna when ready.
> On the other hand, the ECE dept and MAE dept has resources (motors, gears)
> that they want to throw away ... and that they *have* to junk at some time
> after 5-10 years.

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