[amsat-bb] Re: QFHA for SO-50... polarization issue ???

Ing. Pavel Milanes Costa pavel at conas.cu
Fri Feb 22 08:21:46 PST 2013

Yes, thanks for the quote...

And sorry, I'm a Spanish speaking OM... When I said:

"...I need RHCP & LHCP switchable antennas..."

I was referring to two separate QFHA, one with RHCP and the other LHCP, 
with a coaxial switch... just like you mention...

I have to improve my grammar in English... hi hi hi..

BTW thanks for the articles of Maxwel and I'm viewing the site right now...


El 19/02/13 02:14, i8cvs escribió:
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>> Thanks to all for the reply to this thread...
>> Conclusion is that I need RHCP & LHCP switchable antennas...
>> 73 and Thanks to all.
>> 73 de CO7WT.
> Hi Pavel, CO7WT
> The QFHA is not a switchable antenna from RHCP to LHCP because
> RHCP is wound with turns conterclockwise and LHCP is wounded with
> turns clockwise just the reverse of the classic W8JK helical antenna.
> If you like RHCP and LHCP polarizations you need two separate
> antennas swichable with a coax relay.
> In a separate email I have sent to you the best original article on helix
> antennas written by Walter Maxell W2DU.
> More information on QFH antennas from W2DU are available here:
> http://w2du.com/
> 73" de i8CVS Domenico

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