[amsat-bb] CO-55 UHF beacon stuck?

Bernard Van Haecke bernard.vanhaecke at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 19:37:03 PST 2013


This is to report that CO-55 seems to be stuck with a 100% duty cycle
on 436.825 MHz.  The CW beacon was not operational during the 2013-02-22
pass over Northern California, instead a constant carrier was heard during
the entire pass,
maximum signal S8.

Receiving station: FT-817ND, AD6IW 25dB 0.3NF preamp, Arrow antenna,
Arduino-controlled rotator, Orbitron tracking/doppler software

Not sure if this is a recent issue or not on this satellite.  Is anyone
from Tokyo Institute of Technology on this list?

73 de Bernard KI6TSF
ki6tsf at amsat.org

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