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Walter Maxwell, W2DU (SK):
from The ARRL Letter on July 12, 2012

Walter Maxwell, W2DU (SK):

M. Walter Maxwell, W2DU, died July 3 at his home in DeLand, Florida, of
natural causes. He was 93. Maxwell was best known in the Amateur Radio realm
for his ground-breaking series of articles, "Another Look at Reflections."
Published in QST in seven parts from 1973-1976, the series explained in
plain English concepts such as line loss, SWR, baluns and antenna tuners.
The articles were later compiled into a book, Reflections: Transmission
Lines and Antennas, which included additional material on matching networks,
antennas and the Smith Chart. It was first published by the ARRL in 1990 and
went through several editions. Later editions were published by CQ

Source:  The ARRL Letter

Additional note from i8CVS

Hi All

It is very sad for me to know that Walter Maxell, W2DU died. I was in touch
with him by email for many years and he was very friendly and plenty of
explanations to me about my transmission lines problems.

I missed a gread friend.

The material published into the W2DU book " Reflections, Transmission
Lines and Antennas ", is actually downloadble from the following source:


To know more about the W2DU technical life read also:


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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