wa4hfn at comcast.net wa4hfn at comcast.net
Sun Feb 10 13:38:31 PST 2013

Does Amsat have anything to offer us besides an email BB ? 
 Now I guess there will be 2 weeks of RE: emails to this honest question that we all know the answer to.(nothing but excuses)
 Amsat needs more money, send more money. How much money does Amsat have?
 All these rocket scientist out there and not one of them can bum a little 6 inch square satellite a ride into space. Please don't dazel me with anymore of your electronic genius, I don't care, I would like to see it in space in the form of a bird that we can talk through. One that just doesn't beep beep beep . I would be good to see this BBS used for making contacts in grids ,states and friends. 
 Why would anyone want to be a member of Amsat or renew membership?
See u

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