[amsat-bb] Re: CO7WT on SO-50... successful try !!!

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> Hi,
> Yesterday evening I get hands on the tools and eyes on the gear, and 
> manage to deduce a procedure to adjust the sensitivity of my RX rig...
> This was great, just with a Digital Multimeter measuring the noise level 
> at the RSSI on the FI IC of the radio I squeezed the sensitivity of the 
> rig to it's maximum... (from 0.45 v at the original setting to 1.1 v 
> whit my setting)
> There has to be a more efficient ways, buy whit the tools on my hand 
> this is the only way...

Hi Costa,

Without using a Noise Generator in front of your RX and without 
switching it ON and OFF, tuning the front end circuit of your receiver
for maximum swing of the noise level on the Digital Multimeter,
it is possible that your actual 1.1 volt is corresponding  to maximum
gain and before the original 0.45 volt was corresponding correctly
to minimum Noise Figure and so  to maximum sensitivity.

In a separate email I have sent to you the schematic diagram of a
very simple diode Noise Generator.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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