[amsat-bb] Help with SATPC32 (maybe groups) please

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Thu Dec 26 15:08:28 PST 2013

Hi Everyone,

I've used SatPC32 for a number of years, but I have been using it in
"simpleton" mode, it would seem.  Now that AO-73 is in the "cubesat.txt"
keps file rather than amateur, I apparently have to take the next step in
my education about this program.

Here the current general question:  How do "groups" work.  I have googled,
and the term seems to be used both for Celestrak groups and for the groups
in SatPC32 (e.g. Diverse, Standard, etc).  I mean the SatPC32 groups.  What
I want to do is to have a number of satellites selectable with the A,B,C...
buttons in the lower right.  But right now, I have to pull down the
satellites menu and select "cubesat.txt" to get AO-73 and "amateur.txt" to
get, say, VO-52 and SO-50.  And whenever I switch to a new keps file, all
the satellites I have selected as current for the previous file disappear
from the right column.

Somehow, I suspect that 'groups' are the answer to this, but I can never
get the "edit" function under groups to do anything terribly useful.  It
looks like I can edit "standard", for example, so that if selected, it uses
the satellites selected from amateur.txt or cubesat.txt but not both.

Ok, so when I get into a pickle like this, it is usually because I don't
understand the concept or the model that the program is using.  So rather
than (or as well as) "click x, select y, edit xxx.txt" the kind of help I
hope I can get would be include "how are groups supposed to be used?"  And
by the way, I have read the manual, and it again seems to assume that I
know what groups are supposed to be.

Thanks in advance,

Burns, W2BFJ

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