[amsat-bb] LEO-satellites-antennas... ?

Jens Spiess jens.spiess at bluewin.ch
Tue Dec 24 03:45:06 PST 2013

Hi all ,

I would like to work the LEO-satellites after a stop of my amsat-activities 
since 12 years now again .
But I have changed my QTH in the Swiss-Alps and the weather is at a lot
of times of the year very roughly . (A lot of snow, ice and storms ...)

So , I want NOT use long YAGI-Antennas with rotators again – ... or so on ..- 
because all was always and always – also the rotator – demaged .
So I am interested to use – maybe – only fixed antennas for 2m/70cm like the
edgbeater from M2 or the other like this (I found it in the internet ) :


UC-AMSAT-KITP, 2 m / 70 cm Passive Amateur Satellite Antenna Kit
Availability: approx. 2 weeks
Usually ships In approx. 2 weeks 
Price: $250.00

But they will always use with low-noise 20 dB-gain-Preamplifieres installed
on the top of my house directly after the antennas .

Can anybody tell me , which antenna-types will get the best results as
fixed-mounted ones or have anybody experiences or maked a compare
between these antennas ...?

Like this :
http://www.antennas.us/store/p/229-UC-4364-328-UHF-Amateur-Satellite-Antenna.html  ???
or these :
http://www.m2inc.com/pdf_manuals/EB-144%20_%20RK2M.pdf  ???

Which of them will be better work for LEO-communication ...??

73 de Jens / HB9JOI

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