[amsat-bb] Doppler correction with CAT and SATPC32

Gabriel - EA6VQ ea6vq at dxmaps.com
Sun Dec 22 02:23:47 PST 2013

I'm playing around with SATPC32 and its CAT interface to automatically tune
the transmitter to the correct frequency depending on receiver's frequency.


After some initial trouble it's working reliably, but I don't see any way to
fix the RX frequency so that it only changes the TX QRG.  When I enable CAT
it changes both QRGs RX and TX.


It's cumbersome when making a QSO with a station which fixes his downlink
frequency and SATPC32 is constantly retuning the receiver.


Is there a way to configure SATPC32 so that it only changes TX QRG to
compensate Doppler according to a fixed RX frequency?


73. Gabriel - EA6VQ 



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