[amsat-bb] Re: tle repair program

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Sat Dec 21 09:02:13 PST 2013

Thanks Paul.

Yes, I had the same reaction when I realized there were no checksums and 
I have fed back to this sat owner the errors and omissions in these tles 
for their action.  I have no control over that.

Alan sent me Rick von Glahn's program Element Manager and I got it to 
fix these up enough they read into NOVA.  But EM is flagging a couple of 
values in red.  I have pulsed Rick about what checks he makes. He lives 
near me so I can go pound on his door if necessary :)

EM does seems to do a lot of stuff and I don't have the help file. But 
I'm sure Rick will be supportive.

I think I'm good for now.


On 12/21/2013 9:55 AM, Paul Williamson wrote:
> Where in the world are you getting TLE sets that don’t have a checksum? Boo!
> It would be a one-line change to make NASAWASH always ignore the checksum on input (it always regenerates the checksum on output). With a little more effort this could be controlled by a command-line switch.
> I can probably generate a quick hack executable for you if needed. Let me know what platform. Or if you’re set up to compile C programs you shouldn’t have any trouble modifying NASAWASH.
>    -Paul
> On Dec 21, 2013, at 6:05 AM, Jim White <jim at coloradosatellite.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Paul.  I had forgotten about nasawash.
>> But it did not help with these sets because it requires a valid checksum and these have no checksum byte at all.  Of course adding an arbitrary byte for the checksum does not help.
>> How about one that reads in tle's without regard to checksums and creates AMSAT format. Then creates TLEs from the AMSAT format. Perhaps that would clean them up. . .
>> Or something that reads a TLE and creates a valid checksum'd output. . .
>> Jim
>> On 12/20/2013 5:25 PM, Paul Williamson wrote:
>>> There’s still NASAWASH, which will do some of that.
>>> http://mustbeart.com/software/nasawash.html
>>> The program could do more to fix spacing problems, but some of what you want is impossible or very difficult. The NASA format is pretty compact and doesn’t have a lot of redundancy that would make it easy for a program to figure out what was meant by some corrupted version.
>>>    -Paul
>>> On Dec 20, 2013, at 3:19 PM, Jim White <jim at coloradosatellite.com> wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know of a program that will 'repair' tle's so they have the right format, spacings, checksums, etc. to assure they will read into various tracking programs?
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