[amsat-bb] EA/N8MH QRV on satellites from Madrid, Spain during holidays

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 05:34:33 PST 2013

Hello European satellite friends,

It is possible that I will be QRV from Madrid, Spain on FO-29, VO-52,
AO-73, SO-50, and AO-7 (?) while the family is on holiday.    This is a
very low priority part of the trip, and I can't predict when I'll be able
to get on the air (limitations of being in the city with poor view to sky,
etc.).  But I am going to try at least a few passes one way or another!

The opportunity is from around Dec 24 until Jan 2.   My station will be
very simple--FT-817, Elk antenna, and a hand mic.   Working half-duplex on
the SSB birds will be very challenging for me!   I am spoiled by fully
automated station operations.

So if you hear EA/N8MH, please be patient and say hello :)    It may be the
only chance for a QSO with long time friends across the big pond...

Should I be able to post an email note in advance of a specific
pass/satellite, I will do so.  But it might not be possible.


Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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