[amsat-bb] Re: AO-73 QSOs on the beacon?

Simon Brown simon at sdr-radio.com
Fri Dec 6 02:23:54 PST 2013

Some weeks ago I saw Italian stations running vast amounts of power through
a transponder and causing the beacon to modulate heavily, can't remember
which satellite it was. 

In fact these stations were running so much ERP that they took the entire
satellite out.

Simon Brown (G4ELI/HB9DRV)

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That's an interesting observation Jerry.   Not something we saw during
commissioning the satellite.
A possible cause would be image response of the dongle.  Do you have the
'zero frequency' somewhere between the beacon and the transponder passband?
e.g. 145.945 or off to one side e.g. 145.920?

Other possibility is a large signal in the transponder passband causing the
beacon to FM.    Is the modulation 'FM' or does it decode as SSB?

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