[amsat-bb] Help Hawaii get on AO73 (FT-847 SatPC32 issues

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Tue Dec 3 14:48:29 PST 2013


For years I have run HRD and SATPC32 in conjunction. HRD controls my Doppler and SatPC32 controls my rotator (tracking).
In light of several new birds it seems prudent to operate  my Yaesu FT847 with only one software package. I understand how to 
add birds, keps, frequencies etc into SatPc32 so that is the program of choice. 

With my radio in the non satellite mode (APRS happened to be on both the xmit and recv side 144.390)

1. When I start up SATPC32 the radio goes into the Satellite MODE (good). In today's case AO7 was the bird active in the program.
2. The UPlink and Downlink DOPPLER are moving correctly on the computer screen within SATPC32.
3. The FT-847 receive VFO (main VFO) has the correct frequency for example AO7 (145950 MHz USB) and it is running properly with the 
    Doppler frequency changes.
4. The FT-847 transmit VFO (sub VFO) has some random frequency displayed (145962 FM): This VFO frequency is stable and not following
    the Doppler changes I see on the xmit frequency of SatPC32.
5. If I xmit (PTT) the transit side of radio displays ERROR.
6. Under setup> radio setup the CAT delay is 20, Satellite MODE is checked and the radio is correct. 

A brief check of the Operating manual doesn't appear to acknowledge software control per se.

I just need to get the xmit piece functional.

Any insight, recommendations, suggestions greatly appreciated. Mahalo


robert smith, NH7WN

PS: Due to computer overload fm the BBS and EME bbs and others I "disconnected" , it may be best to email me directly at dukenuke at pixi.com if you have comments. Mahalo

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