[amsat-bb] Re: CAPE-2 CW over Brazil

Nick Pugh K5QXJ quadpugh at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 2 06:56:30 PST 2013

Yes I think or frequency is a few khz below 145.825 and at AOS it is about




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Hi Nick.


Yes, can hear what I believe is CAPE-2 in London.  But still don't know the
sequence of transmission.


14.11   Carrier on 145.824 - did not hear the modulation (below the city
rooftops) pos interference.

14.12   Good CW signal - S5 very easy copy.  Frequency low and pulled by CW

14.14   Single 1200 packet burst.

14.16   More CW from below roofline.  In CW mode on IC706 this was best
received on 145.920


Could be that you are a couple of KHz low of 825.


Keps used are:


1 39380U 13064A   13334.93341659  .00001167  00000-0  59607-4 0   257
2 39380 040.5145 186.8069 0003506 014.0453 346.0304 15.21277316  1661




David  G0MRF

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