[amsat-bb] Little help for Trailblazer and DragonSat

Craig Kief craig.kief at cosmiac.org
Sun Dec 1 11:29:31 PST 2013

Hello folks,
I am a little new at this so please have patience with ignorance.  Jin and I
launched two CubeSats a week or so ago.  The first is Trailblazer (mine) and
the second is DragonSat (Jins).  Trailblazer is from the Configurable Space
Research at the University of New Mexico (KE5VSH) and DragonSat is Drexel
University.   Our problem is that we haven’t heard from our satellites yet. 
There could be a variety of different reasons.  First, the satellite didn’t
survive delivery.  Second, our antennas didn’t deploy or third, we have poor
ground stations.  As you can imagine, I am hoping for the third.  I can
pasting the TLE which is openly available on space-track and celestetrack in
this email.   It is very close (I believe) to our birds.   If you have a
chance, could you please keep your ears open in case you might hear us. 
Please email any packets for Trailblazer to myself here
at craig.kief at cosmiac.org and for DragonSat to Jin Kang at kang at usna.edu.
Thanks again most sincerely,
Trailblazer 437.425MHz, AX.25, 9,600  (there is another satellite with the
same tx freq as mine there as well).
On my packets, if you see C0 00 A8 84
. You will provide me with a wonderful
gift.  I beacon every 50 seconds
DragonSat 145.870MHz, AX.25, 9,600. Beacons every 30 seconds.
Trailblazer Maybe
1 39382U 13064C   13325.87382098  .00041511  00000-0  18318-2 0    39
2 39382  40.5103 239.5017 0004316 318.4599  41.5592 15.20995117   275

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