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Martha martha at amsat.org
Sun Aug 25 09:35:17 PDT 2013

Would one of you answer this
 Martha, can you give me an idea of when in the day the Symposium will
open? My son in law is in college and we both want to attend but not drive
2 cars to Houston. And about when on Sunday does it close?

On another matter, I attach 2 pictures of practice blocks of woodcarvings
on basswood. Remember this is a practice run......I would be willing to
carve and donate a wooden quilt of 4 squares, framed in basswood for an
auction or raffle at the Symposium to raise a few dollars for Fox. Let me
know what you think. The piece would be 9 in x 9 in. You will note on the
two practice boards one side stained darker than the other. I was
practicing to see which I liked. Also, if you want it, how detailed do you
think I need to be? (How much room for artistic liberty?) For instance with
the lines in the solar cells? That is very difficult to cut in a 3.5 in
square. I also carved in the wood for the sides o Oscar 1, not knowing if
that was flush or not---and the carving does give it a sense of dimension.
I tried to present 4 of our satellites. It might be that AO7 will take up 2
I intend to do a bit of carving in the frame as well.

In my head, it looks good. I hope as well in reality.
Please understand that all I have done so far is the practice boards.
If you decline, that is ok, too. You likely will want to discuss with

Please let me know about this project, but more immediately about the
tentative Friday schedule so we can plan.
After about 24 years of membership this will be my first Symposium here,
though when I was G0WEW I attended 2 in the UK and I think was a member of

George Carr
73- Martha

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