[amsat-bb] Fw: Delfi C3 Close Approach Notification

Peter Portanova wb2oqq at verizon.net
Thu Aug 8 16:08:58 PDT 2013

Subject: Delfi C3 Close Approach Notification 


The United States Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) has identified a
predicted conjunction between Delfi C3 (SCC# 32789) and SCC# 31066.

Primary Object: Delfi C3 (SCC# 32789)
Secondary Object: SCC# 31066
Time of Closest Approach: 11 AUG 2013 1:43 UTC

Overall miss distance: 190 meters
Radial (dU) miss distance: 183 meters
In-Track (dV) miss distance: -4 meters
Cross-track (dW) miss distance: -52 meters

Primary Radial Error (U): 14 meters
Primary In-track Error (V): 918 meters
Primary Cross-track Error (W): 12 meters

Secondary Radial Error (U): 57 meters
Secondary In-track Error (V): 2607 meters
Secondary Cross-track Error (W): 41 meters

Very Respectfully,

JSpOC Orbital Protection Team
Joint Space Operations Center
Vandenberg Air Force Base, California USA

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Awareness (SSA) services or information "as is" and makes no warranty,
either express or implied, as to the condition or suitability of the
information and services, nor its fitness for a particular purpose.

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any individuals, firms, corporations, and other persons acting for the
United States, shall be immune from any suit in any court for any cause of
action arising from the provision or receipt of SSA services or information,
whether or not provided in accordance with 10 USC 2274, or any related
action or omission.

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