[amsat-bb] ARRL Article on AO7

k4feg k4feg at k4feg.com
Wed Aug 7 23:18:20 PDT 2013

Hello Satellite Lovers!!

Well it is nice to see that I have risen to the level of being "quoted" 
by the ARRL, they got most of the stuff essentially correct but did not 
get it completely right:

/*What we know for certain about AO7:*/
1) there are ZERO batteries working!
2) it only works when it has enough solar power generated to make it 
3) it was only in Eclipse for periods of a maximum of 15 minutes during 
each orbit and only during the period I refer to as the "Eclipse Cycle" 
which occurs at the same approximate time each year for about 9 weeks.

My additional conversations with Jan A. King, W3GEY, have provided me 
with additional information about the design and I have found it most 
intriguing. I have considered writing a more detailed paper centered 
around my conversations with Jan, and my personal observations of the 
//I just am not sure if anyone is particularly interested in such a 
detailed account of AO7's current state of operation./

Many of you have read my running accounts of AO7 operations this year 
since the Eclipse Cycle began and subsequently ended. Many of you have 
provided excellent insight as to why the Doppler shift varies as much as 
it does after these Eclipse Periods and also the theories as to why the 
distortion levels occur on some satellite passes and not others.

Thank you all that have contributed to the debate and the study.

I Hope I have not bored everyone with my posts about AO7, simply the 
most successful satellite ever launched!

/*73 ALL FRM*//*
*//*GGHQ: Em55aj84ta*//**/
/...no grid left behind.../

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