[amsat-bb] Re: Satellites List

nx9b at comcast.net nx9b at comcast.net
Wed Aug 7 17:43:18 PDT 2013

Clint, K6LCS, I would normally not ever reply to anyone else's responses to BB postings but I could not let this one go. 

I believe that you owe Mineo a very sincere apology for your scathing response to his satellites list. 

I'm sure that you feel that your information is better for the newer satellite operators, and while that may be true, I found Mineo's posting very informative. 

Not only that, the one thing that you were criticizing the list for is there, but you apparently didn't see it for yourself. 

If you look at the very last column it clearly states Active with an * by each one that has that status. 

Both the .xls & .html versions have this column, so what information that you thought would be the most helpful IS on the list. 

I'm sorry if you are offended by someone 'calling you out' on the BB, but this is one time I just couldn't sit idly by. 

If you feel the need to respond, you can do it here on the BB or personally at 'my call'@comcast.net 


Jeff Lamb, NX9B, EM66sj61pe 


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