[amsat-bb] CN77 effort

Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
Tue Aug 6 22:19:17 PDT 2013

I have been hamming since 1961. I had more fun, in in the last two days than a human is supposed to have. I ran a IC910 to a arrow from the back seat of my Ford Focus. My effort was a bit primitive but it worked pretty good. FO29 was a good choice, I could only get one qso out of SO-50. John K8YSE wrote the book on portable operations. I know a couple of you have a recordings. I will get them eventually. Best dx is Drew KO4MA, from a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean in NW Washington to the East coast of Florida. QSL cards upon request, I can only do "real" QSL cards, being somewhat digitally challanged. If I ever do this again I will be better prepared, maybe leave the xyl, grand daughter, and dogs at home. Check out CN76! 

thank you and 73 

Bob W7LRD/7 


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