[amsat-bb] Imagine RIT Festival May 4th - AMSAT Fox-2 Maximum Power Point Tracker Senior Design Project Exhibit

Bryce Salmi bts2637 at rit.edu
Tue Apr 30 00:59:49 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

     I am a senior studying Electrical Engineering at the Rochester
Institute of Technology (RIT) and I am a member of a senior design group
that was sponsored by AMSAT to produce an engineering prototype *Maximum
Power Point Tracker* (MPPT) for the Fox-2 satellite. Most members of our
team are licensed radio amateurs and active members of the RIT Amateur
Radio Club K2GXT and have had quite the experience with this project! We've
worked extremely hard over the past 20 weeks to design and build a working
MPPT. We'd enjoy sharing this experience with anyone interested.

   *  Everyone who is in the Rochester, NY area or are willing to drive to
the area is invited to come to the RIT campus this Saturday May 4th
for the Imagine
RIT Innovation & Creativity Festival <http://www.rit.edu/imagine/>. This is
a completely free event on the RIT campus*.The previous link will have all
the information to get here and find exhibits of interest. Also,
here's a pretty
concise video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsQoh-_xOmY> on what the
event is about. The AMSAT Maximum Power Point Project is exhibit
will be located in what is known as the "infinity quad" outside the
engineering building (There's a big Mobius strip in the middle). We're
pretty much in the center of outside activity which is very nice for
showing people our project.

   - Google StreetView of the Infinity
   - 2013 Imagine RIT Festival
will be between the orange GLE and red LBR, you'll see a star, mobius
   strip, and question mark on the map where I am referring too, sorry if it's
   not clear)

     Our project is part of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering senior
design program and we proposed this project as a group last Summer. Tony
Monteiro has been our "customer" for the project and has been great to work
with. You can find out more information on our P13271 RIT EDGE
wiki<http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P13271/public/Home>which is pretty
up-to-date pending a few updates (since PCB bring-up) but
largely a great resource for those interested for a more in-depth look into
our project. We have not completed our project but will be displaying the
working prototype MPPT during the festival and be more than happy to
explain/show it to anyone interested. There are some final tests and
reports that are left to finish before our project is complete.

Some links to high-interest items on our EDGE Server:

   - 1 Page Project
   - Project Poster<http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P13271/public/MSD_Poster/MSD_Poster_r1.pdf>
   - MPPT Block
   - MPPT Schematics<http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P13271/public/KiCad/MPPT/trunk/AMSAT_7W_MPPT_Schematic.pdf>(slightly
out of date, some final values will be updated soon, largely
   - MSP430 firmware

     Well, I think I've thoroughly linked to areas people might have
interest in. Feel free to poke around the project documentation and learn
more or ask questions. If you have any questions about Imagine RIT or
anything related to the festival please ask as well. I look forward to
potentially seeing some of you at the festival!


Bryce Salmi
Project Manager P13271

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