[amsat-bb] Dayton, Satellites, Fun !!!!!

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Mon Apr 29 14:22:39 PDT 2013

I am gathering up my clothes for my trip to Dayton.  I hope to see and 
meet as many satellite folks as possible!  I have my name in the hat to 
work at the AMSAT booth.  I worked last year and had the best time!

I keep seeing many emails about what satellites are operating.  It seems 
many think that none are working.  Well I can tell you that I am having 
a blast working FO-29, SO-50 , VO-52, and grandpa AO-7.  I do admit that 
AO-7 has a bit of a stutter step when too many get on or someone cranks 
their power up too much. Take a look at the link Bob, W7LRD, posted 
regarding active satellites: http://aar29.free.fr/sat/indexlogin.php   
Each contact is so exciting.  OMG, I worked Brazil last night too!  
FO-29 sounded just like 20 meters last night!  It is so nice to hear 
those making their first contact and so nice to renew old friendships.

Hope to meet you or at least work you!

...still excited about amateur radio after being active for 50+ years!

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