[amsat-bb] Sat32PC

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Mon Apr 29 13:52:12 PDT 2013

I need some advice.  I have been trying to run Sat32PC to track 
satellites with my G5500 rotor and LVB Tracker.  It seems I am running 
into one problem after another.  Many times the program stops working 
when I get towards a lower elevation while tracking the satellite.  I 
get most of the pass and then everything stops.  I cannot park the rotor 
and must reboot the computer as restarting the program gives com 
errors.  This afternoon Sat32PC was tracking a ghost.  It clearly 
thought something was flying above.  The only satellite I had selected 
was FO-29 and it definitely was well past a fly over.  In fact, I could 
not find an amateur satellite that was anywhere that the program should 
be tracking.  I would really like to get the bugs out as I plan to use 
my Panasonic Toughbook in a portable operation.  I am using the XP 
Professional operating system with the USB communicating with the LVB 
Tracker.  I also have a Macbook and MacDoppler has operated flawlessly. 
It does what it is suppose to do and does it well.  Please no flame wars 
over Mac vs PC.  I use both and basically am happy with both.  On 
Sat32PC, the Keps are updated so I am not feeding the controller wrong 
info.  On the screen, the satellite position is visibly correct.  On the 
bottom of the screen the Azimuth / Elevation were wrong when it was 
tracking the ghost.  I have two Toughbooks and both exhibit the same 
problem.  Has anyone had the same or similar problems?


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