[amsat-bb] Re: Help! What does this mean?

M5AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 28 03:39:25 PDT 2013

--- On Sat, 27/4/13, Lizeth Norman <normanlizeth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Got this tweet from Exa. What is a 160dB station?

Don't know about the 160 figure but given the very low power (for the 27 MHz B/W) of the CubeSat I'd guess it may mean a very high-gain antenna system and a low noise mast-head pre-amp is required.

There's another CubeSat due the use the 33cm band towards the end of the year - SkyCube - which will be deployed from the ISS. It has a 57.6 kbs downlink (the Boeing Corporation modem?) so bandwidth will be considerably less and may be easier to receive on low gain antennas.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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