[amsat-bb] Re: new sat beacon around 435.800 ?

Mika Siira oh8mbn at suomi24.fi
Fri Apr 26 04:32:59 PDT 2013

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>Aihe: [amsat-bb] new sat beacon around 435.800 ?
>   Hi my friends !
>     I was preparing to listen the next pass, orbit nr 16160, of Hope-
>HO-68, the beacon of which is on 435.790 MHz when by chance, I came 
>across another CW beacon about 10 kHz higher transmitting numbers at 
>25 wpm. The max Doppler shift was at about 0919 UTC from my location 
>the North of France and the "time if flight" perhaps 15 mn, something 
>   I just had time to record the weak (with my poor devices) signal, 
>and spectrogram. With the Doppler shift, at 0926 UTC the frequency of 
>bird beacon crossed the one of Hope-1 producing an beautiful auditive 
>interference and, on the spectrogram, a nice picture.
>   Any ideas ? As many birds was launched these last days, maybe one 
>them ?
>   Best 73 !
>   J-P/F5YG

Hello J-P,

Most likely you have heard FO-29 CW beacon.

-Mika, 0H8MBN

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