[amsat-bb] FX.25 for satellite communications

f6bvp@free f6bvp at free.fr
Thu Apr 25 15:10:55 PDT 2013


In august 2010 object 09038F ANDE-2 Castor satellite decayed.
It was using an experimental 1200 bauds AX.25 packet beacon
with Forward Error Corrections : FX.25 frames.

I am interested in doing some experiment with FX.25 and looking
for some source code for encoding and decoding FX25.
In a message from Mike DK3VN on Google group forum
there is a citation of a file called  rs_decode_avr2.tar but no link.

Stensat page "FX.25 on air performance" dated 2007
has links for files FX-25_enc_03.c and FX-25_extract.c
However these are probably alpha or beta versions and are not
fully operational.

Can someone provide some clues toward more up-to-date FX.25 sources ?

73 de Bernard, f6bvp
AMSAT-France past President

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